Thursday, April 3, 2014

Traveling through film

Recently I have been itching to travel somewhere different, unique, somewhere unknown.  Since starting this blog, I have gone from traveling only the states to abroad from the Caribbean Islands to Africa and Europe.  It never gets old. That travel bug is certainly addictive!  Lately I have been traveling through music, books and especially movies.  Here is a list of what movies have been inspiring me at the moment.

1.  The Motorcycle Diaries

An inspiring journey of medical student turned revolutionary, Che Guevara, and his trek through 14,000 kilometers of the South American landscape over 8 months. 

2.  Tommy Boy

Not a far journey, but for a purpose: to save a company and a Midwestern city's livelihood.  The deer scene is hilarious and vies the song medleys for the movies best moments (besides "Fat guy in a little coat"). 

3. The Terminal

Tom Hanks at his finest, as he always is (Cast Away, anyone).  His journey from an Eastern country, Krakozhia, to New York, in this film was for the best cause - family.

4.   Planes, Trains  and Automobiles
I love how they were forced to go off the beaten path.  Crap happens, but it builds character and apparently lasting friendships. Been there, done that... and I love it.
5.  Up
A beautiful story of a journey to fulfill a promise for love.  And it's animated! Pixar got this one right.
6.  Noah
I just saw this one a few days ago. I think "Epic" describes the ultimate voyage here. Creating a new world with a handful of people and animals is no small feat. 

So, no I won't be building and Ark or attaching balloons to my house, but I hope to get caught up in all that travel offers very soon. Brazil here I come!