Thursday, February 19, 2009

Brandie Pahl's photography

My love for travel, photography and nature must have come from somewhere. I believe it favors the nurture rather than the nature side of the debate, as my parents don’t share the passion I do but my sister, Brandie, certainly does. I grew up interested in wildlife and landscape photography, while my sister was always into fashion. So much so that about a year ago she started making children’s clothing and accessories and developed a clothing line called Little Lotti Clothing, which she will soon begin selling through her website Recently she has usurped my progress down the marketable photography path by deciding to take the pictures for her site herself. She did a few preliminary shots with me as the over eager model which follow, and you can see her show off more of her talent on her blog The Delights of Anticipation.

This last one is my brainchild. What can I say? Fun with raw chicken.

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Brandie said...

The last picture is by far the best. Pure genius, I'd say;)