Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Destination Weddings

 I am currently out of my home state helping a good friend of mine get ready for her quickly approaching wedding. (A quick word of advice: never be a bridesmaid. It is exhausting). In lieu of her east coast nuptials, I decided to peruse some exotic, unknown, or just unique places for destination weddings. Many suggestions abound for beautiful distant lands, but I attempt to take it just a step further with these five less than likely choices.

1. Vera Cruz

This very tropical lush region Is a very prominent city in Central Mexico due to its exports and influx of tourists.  Another perk that sets this city apart is the rich culture. For those couples interested in knowledge of different ways of life, many archaeological remains have been located in surrounding areas, and couples can spend time with their guests learning about the abundance of folklore that still permeates our own culture to this day (Mechling, 1999). Not to mention the fast-paced every day life and even spicier nightlife that your party-loving guests may be seeking.
Best times to go: February (for Carnival celebrations) to June
Best places to stay: NH Vera Cruz or Gran Hotel Diligencias (if you're willing to splurge).
Events and attractions: Plaza De Armas for night life or Boca Del Rio for a quiet respite from city life and delightful restaurants specializing in fresh fish dishes.

2. Castle Chateau D'Esclimont

Contrary to many couple's ideas of what is available and affordable, castles are not too difficult to acquire for ceremonies.  (And no I'm not talking about Disney World).  This castle located between Paris and Versailles features 150 wooded acres' stone bridges and romantic balconies and a perfectly French ambiance.
Best times to go: Spring or Fall
Best places to stay: If not at the castle itself, The Ibis hotel - 7 miles away or the Mecure hotel -9 miles away.
Events and attractions: The Charles Cathedral, Touring the Riviera, Shopping on the Champs

3. Burning Man

Way out of left field, and certainly non-traditional, theses festivals echo a 60' and 70's hippie-esque vibe. Dedicated to community,art and self expression, the yearly festivals are much more than your typical art fair. These music festivals have couples flocking to get married amongst off beat music and like-minded crowds of people getting married at the same time. Black Rock City in the desert in Nevada is the most obvious of choices for these events. Your guests are sure to have an exciting concert experience all while seeing you get hitched and mingle with old and new friends to sounds known and unknown.  "Its organized chaos" (Levin, 2013).
Best times to go: Usually just a week from late August to early September.
Best places to stay: Hotels: Atlantis Casino Resort Spa, Best Western Inn. RV Campgrounds: Big Bend RV Park or River's Edge RV Park.
Events and attractions: The festival of course! From live low-key bands to intricate art installations and absurd people watching, it's bound to be invigorating to say the least. Don't forget to look up the 10 principles that represent this project's philosophical beliefs.

4. St. Vincent and the Grenadine

An Eastern Caribbean hot-spot, this place is perfect for the walking along the beach, margaritas-sipping, laying in the sun couple.  Wedding packages here include spa treatments and even glass bottom boat rides entirely exclusive for those. VIP residents.
Best times to go: December to April
Best places to stay: Buccament Bay Resort, Paradise Beach Hotel
Events and attractions: The spectacular botanical gardens, an awesome bat cave for diving and Mesopotamia Valley for those tough hiker

5 ,  Alaska

While it's not exactly international travel., I've never seen the northern lights, and how perfect would it be to have your closest friends and family witness your vows to each other under such an enchanting night sky.  That would save on decorations since mother nature decided to throw the most beautiful light show that one could imagine.
Best times to go: early May or late September through October,(Olsen, 2013).
Best places to stay: the south central region.. great for wilderness, wildlife and fantastic restaurants and dancing.
Events and attractions: glacier gardens, cruises, whale sightings.

And destination weddings aren't the only extravagance to be taken. Have a great Honeymoon in Fiji, Cesar and Andrea!

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