Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Things We Do For Love

Here we go again, my travel itch is back (in more ways than one)...

Everyone has a passion, whether it be fashion, food, cars, etc. Mine is quite obviously travel.  Even if it takes me to far off places and unknown territory, I will pursue the love of my life (and invite all whom I know to accompany me).

"Like walking through the rain and the snow when there's no where to go and you feel like a part of you is dying.  The things you do for love"...  -10CC

First stop this year 5/22/15:  Mackinac, Michigan

File:Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island, MI.jpg

Next up,  Miami, Florida 7/5/15

Then, Phoenix (and surrounding), Arizona 8?15

Next year (hopefully), Ireland or Israel

But most definitely Fiji, for my honeymoon!.. That's right, I finally found my match in Andrew McArthur!  2016 here we come!


As the saying goes, life is good!

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