Wednesday, September 2, 2015

To Journey, or not to journey

Hello again all,

If you follow me, you already know that I love adventure. That being said, hiking has always been an interest of mine.  Living in Michigan, I'm used to frigid temperatures, so naturally I would not mind going somewhere north of me, preferably Canada.   Yet, yesterday I happened upon a new location....

Havasu Falls in Arizona just seems nothing short of amazing.  Since my family is planning a trip out there next summer, it just seems fitting. Sure, the Grand Canyon is awesome, but this goes one step further.  Talk about amazement!

The fact that one can even hike here is a feat. It is 12 miles down the canyon to the Indian Reservation where this little gem lies.  Heat, thirst and sheer exhaustion are definite concerns, but luckily guided tours with knowledgeable guides are offered through different companies (see

However harsh the elements, I, for one, think it must be a mind-blowing experience.  Surrounded by nature, history and culture, the journey itself is the reward.

Journey on!

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