Friday, July 15, 2016

A Dream Is A Soft Place To Land

Oh, little blog, how you evade me.  Writer’s block is or even just inspiration seems to strike at the most inopportune times.  I have been writing this blog for years with many bouts of absence between.  I’ve since started different ones, but this one, my first; I cannot seem to give up.  At first it started with a strict purpose: travel and my experience with it, whether through road trips, plane rides, reading, listening to someone else’s experiences through music or just my dreams.  Looking back through it, it reads more like a diary of sorts, basically what I was doing or feeling at the time.  Maybe I should re-title it “Musings of an Incoherent Mind”.   Alas, this song by Sara Bareilles sums up for me how badly I want something, grasp it, realize it or let go. 

“A dream needs believing
To taste like the real thing
Like a stranger you recognize
So pure so electric
So sure so connected
To those little believers inside
May we all be so lucky
But dreams are elusive
The kind we’ve got so used to
It’s nothing I can feel
Nothing I can hold
Nothing I can have
Nothing I can own
Dreams come and they go…
But hold them and keep them and know that you need them”

The little dreamer in me believes that all dreams can come true, and will, even if they are a bit uneven and disordered.  Perhaps one day I’ll become a tattoo artist and the next a para glider and the day after that a Tibetan monk.  Whatever the case, it will all be happy travels. 

                         Image by Vincent Bourilhon

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